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Membership Options

Members can access all our current classes. Please note that early termination fees apply. For more info please come down and see one of the coaches or send us a message via Facebook.


Free Trial

First time at the Hub? Come down and try a session for free. If you're keen after that then come down and talk to one of our coaches about signing up to one of our options below.


Weekly Payments ($13.95/wk for Students or $9.95/wk for Seniors 55+)

Minimum term of 6 months on this weekly payment plan. Early termination (less than 6 months) will require payment of the remaining term up to the 6 month period. If you have been with us for 6 months or more and you wish you cancel your membership then a 2 week notice period applies.


3 Month Membership

One off payment for the 3 month term.


6 Month Membership

One off payment for the 6 month term.


12 Month Membership

One off payment for a 12 month term.

Pricing: Rates
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